Raja Rao: Scholar, Philosopher, Literary Artist


Raja Rao's Nonfiction Books and Articles


Changing India: An Anthology. Raja Rao, Iqbal Singh, ed. London, Allen and Unwin, 1939.

Whither India? Raja Rao, Iqbal Singh, ed. Bombay, Padma, 1948.

Soviet Russia: Some Random Sketches and Impressions. by Jawaharlal Nehru, edited by Raja Rao. Bombay, Chetana, 1949.

The Meaning of India. essays by Raja Rao. New Delhi, Vision Books, 1996.

The Great Indian Way: A Life of Mahatma Gandhi. biography by Raja Rao. New Delhi: Vision Books, 1998.

Published Essays and Articles

"Pilgrimage to Europe," in Jaya Karnataka (Dharwar), v.10, no.1, 1931. (in Kannada)

"Europe and Ourselves," in Jaya Karnataka (Dharwar), v.10, no.3, 1931. (in Kannada)

"Romain Rolland, the Great Sage," in Jaya Karnataka (Dharwar), v.11, no.1, 1933. (in Kannada)

"Pandit Taranath," in Asia (New York), January 1935.

"The Premier of Sakuntala," in Asia (New York), June 1943.

"Jupiter and Mars," in Pacific Spectator, 8, 1954.

"Varanasi," in Illustrated Weekly of India (Bombay), Sept. 3, 1961.

"Trivandrum," in Illustrated Weekly of India (Bombay), Feb. 25, 1962.

"Books Which Have Influenced Me," in Illustrated Weekly of India (Bombay), Feb. 10, 1962.

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