Raja Rao: Scholar, Philosopher, Literary Artist


Raja Rao's Novels, Stories, and Verse

Published Novels and Short Story Collections

Kanthapura, London, Allen and Unwin, 1938; Bombay, Oxford University Press, 1947; educational edition, 1963; New York, New Directions, 1963; Westport, CT, Greenwood, 1977.

The Cow of the Barricades and Other Stories, Madras, Oxford University Press, 1947.

The Serpent and the Rope, London, Murray, 1960; New York, Pantheon, 1963; Delhi, Hind, 1968; Westport, CT, Greenwood, 1976; Delhi, Oxford University Press, educational edition, 1978; New York, Overlook, 1986.

The Cat and Shakespeare: A Tale of India, New York, Macmillan, 1965; Delhi, Hind, 1971.

Comrade Kirillov, New Delhi, Vision Books, 1976.

The Policeman and the Rose: Stories, Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1978.

The Chessmaster and His Moves, New Delhi, Vision Books, 1988.

On the Ganga Ghat, New Delhi, Vision Books, 1989.

Upcoming Novels

Daughter of the Mountain, to be published next year.

A Myrobalan in the Palm of Your Hand, to be published in two years.

Published Stories

"Javni" in Asia (New York), Nov. 1933.

"Akkayya" in Cahiers du Sud (Paris), Dec. 1933. (in French)

"A Client" in Mercure de France (Paris), Aug. 1934. (in French)

"In Khandesh" in Adelphi (London), Nov. 1934.

"The True Story of Kanakapala, Protector of Gold" in Asia (New York), Sept. 1935.

"The Little Gram Shop" in Vendredi (Paris), 1937. (in French)

"The Cow of the Barricades" in Asia (New York), Aug. 1938.

"Companions" broadcast from All India Radio, Lucknow, 1941 or 1942.

"Narsiga" in Horizon (Bombay), 1944.

"India--A Story" in Encounter (London), v.1, no.2, Nov. 1953.

"The Cat" in Chelsea Review (New York), Summer 1959.

"Nimka" in Illustrated Weekly of India (Bombay), May 19, 1963.

"The Policeman and the Rose" in Illustrated Weekly of India (Bombay), Oct. 6, 1963.

"Creatures of Benares I" in World Literature Today, (Norman, Oklahoma), Autumn 1988.

"Creatures of Benares II" in World Literature Today, (Norman, Oklahoma), Autumn 1988.

Published Verse

"Expiation of a Heretic" in Jaya Karnataka (Dharwar), v.10, no.10, 1932.